Report Abuse

Important We are always vigilant to ensure domains registered with us comply with our Registrant Agreement as we take reports of abuse very seriously. All reports are reviewed and investigated promptly to ensure that our network is used in accordance to our Terms and Conditions and our Acceptable Usage Policy. If you are aware of someone breaching our terms or the law whilst using our services, please use the form below to report this - including as much detail as possible to enable us to effectively investigate your complaint.

Infringing on Trademark

If you believe that your complaint is about Trademark infringement the best course of action will be to report your complaint to a UDRP (Uniform Domain-name Dispute Resolution Policy) arbitration provider. You can learn more about the UDRP process on the ICANN website

Infringing on Copyright

If you believe a website hosted with, or a domain registered via Vidahost is infringing on your copyright you can report this here and we can pass on your complaint to our customer where possible and if necessary, we may also take action.

We do however advise that you try to contact the website operator first, you can usually find their information on the Domain WHOIS result, you can check this here.

Invalid Contact Details on WHOIS

We take data quality very seriously, we will investigate all reports promptly and where necessary take action for the Registrant to remedy their information.


We take malware and other fraudulent activity on our network(s) very seriously and will take all action necessary to remove it once detected.

Please ensure you provide as much information as possible to ensure we can investigate malware/phishing reports. Please include screenshots, URLs, email headers and any other information which will assist.

Sending Unsolicited Email (SPAM)

We do not tolerate the sending of UBE/UCE or “SPAM” on our network, please ensure you provide as much detail as possible in your report, including Email headers and any other relevant information to ensure we can properly track the source of unsolicited email.