Vidahost Data Centre

Take a look inside our Tier 3+ 2N London-based data centre. Explore the latest technologies and expanding network topology connecting our data centre locations with your customers across the globe.

Our Locations

Striving to constantly improve latency and meet the growing needs of our customers, we've expanded our network to include multiple prime business locations across the globe. At present, we have 3 data centre sites in Greater London and a point of presence (POP) in Singapore. We carefully choose our data centre locations based on their access to renewable energy, local transport links and proximity to dark fibre networks.

Our Network

Multi homed network Dark fibre ring Vidahost Data Centre Telehouse East Equinix LD5

London locations

We have three high connectivity data centre locations in Greater London including our own innovative Tier 3+ 2N Vidahost data centre, a second location at Equinix LD5 and a final location in Telehouse East.

Singapore POP

Singapore is a hub for many of the larger Asian ISPs and will therefore offer excellent performance to users in the APAC region. The data centre, an Equinix facility completed in 2015, is a Tier 3+ 2N aligned facility where all equipment is separately fed from two independent power sources.

Multi homed network

We own and operate our own multi homed Border Gateway Protocol network, spanning our UK data centre locations. Multiple Tier 1 upstream providers – including Level3, NTT and Zayo – are connected at each site. This gives redundancy and reliability, ensuring we aren't dependent on a single provider for our internet connection. We're also connected to the London Internet Exchange, a peering exchange that interconnects us with even more service providers.

Dark fibre ring

A bespoke 150km dark fibre network ring interconnects our three data centre locations. With full control of our network topology we are able to effortlessly scale, and share almost unlimited data with low latency and 100% reliability.

Fire suppression

To resume service as quickly as possible following a fire threat we use Inergen Fire Suppression - a fast-acting, effective gaseous fire suppression agent. When deployed, Inergen causes no damage to hardware or infrastructure. Unlike other forms of gaseous fire suppression, Inergen doesn't create harmful toxins for humans. In fact, it creates a relatively safe environment allowing plenty of time for safe evacuation.

Power efficiency: our green pledge

Our hosting servers, routers and cooling systems are all powered by renewable energy, generated from hydroelectric and wind power. Having reached our target PUE of 1.3, we pledge to continue to reduce our impact on the environment by adopting even more efficient and cost-effective practices.

Cooling system

Cutting-edge cold aisle containment technology maintains an optimum temperature. This ensures optimal hardware performance while minimising power consumption and our impact on the environment.

Constant power supply

Our 2N power management setup provides a redundant power supply. This allows up to 50% of data centre equipment to fail without disrupting our service. Regular power failure tests are an integral part of our data centre management and we test our failover power supply monthly.

Data and physical security

We take your data security seriously, and have a number of security precautions in place at all our data centre locations. To stop unauthorised access to the physical hardware housing your data, we have: 3m perimeter fencing, 25+ CCTV cameras, 24/7 security personnel and electronic access control systems.

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